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Who We Are

Turning Point Spaces was born of the vision of two founding partners, Elaine Goslin and Cheryl McGuire.  Each of us and our respective families have experienced stateside and international moves. During these transitions, we felt the stress of getting our houses sold. It’s not fun. Because of this, both of us were motivated to do something to help others transition more easily. Our solution–a boutique real estate staging company in Peoria, IL. Welcome to Turning Point Spaces!

We are Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) who help home sellers showcase their houses so they sell quickly and for the most amount of money. In short, Turning Point Spaces “wows” spaces using their real estate staging knowledge in order to grab the attention of online and in-person buyers. Turning Point Spaces specializes in pre-listing and occupied consultations, total house rehabs and redesign. Turning Point Spaces currently provides these services in Central Illinois.

We have this to say:

“We know the stresses and demands of today’s world.  An upcoming move and a need to sell a house can be overwhelming and disruptive to a family. We want to partner with you to help ease the transition of your move. We want to “wow” potential buyers online and in-person so your house sells more quickly and for more money.”

Our mission is to help customers transition more smoothly and more profitably through strategic real estate staging and detailed site preparation while  providing excellence through our caring and personalized approach.

Let Turning Point Spaces help you…

  • Provide a pre-listing consultation.
  • Ready your occupied space for the real estate market.
  • Rehab and update an inherited estate for the real estate market.
  • Consult on redesign of your current space.

Our Services

We help people transition quickly, efficiently, and more profitably through strategic, detailed site preparation using a caring and personalized approach.

Home Staging

While home staging helps attract the future buyer, redesign helps to bring your current home to its fullest potential.


Vacant Spaces

Over 90% of potential buyers cannot visualize empty space as their own or readily see its design potential.



Adult children left with preparing an estate may not have the time and attention required to get things done.


Senior Spaces

Our team can provide services ranging from packing, moving, unpacking, to arranging furnishings in your new home.