After Staging.
After Staging.

Do you know over 94% of home buyers search online first? Do you know your house has seconds to grab the attention of a buyer? Do you know price reductions alone don’t work like they used to?  A buyer today is much more sophisticated versus years ago. Why? They have quick and easy access to information about the many properties for sale. How? Their laptops and cellphones.

Are you interested in selling more quickly and for more money? Turning Point Spaces exists to help you achieve this.

Staging your house before listing and before professional photos are taken is more important than ever.

Our Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) real estate staging team customizes each project.  Our keen sense of design, awareness of other cultures and trends, allows us to give your house the “wow” factor–a house buyers will remember! The goal of Turning Point Spaces is to prepare your house to get it sold quickly and for the maximum amount of money. Let us help get your house sold!


Buyers need an emotional connection to a house. Most buyers cannot visualize an empty house as their own or see how to utilize the space for everyday living. The Turning Point Spaces Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) real estate staging team shows them how it can work. We supply on-trend furnishings and accessories to appeal to the largest number of buyers. We take your house from uninviting and empty to one that is inviting, highlights the value, and shows the potential.


Our real estate staging team works with you to prepare a strategy to showcase features that highlight the value and potential of your space. We endeavor to make the best use of what you already own, offering tips to boost curb appeal and to enhance interiors through light rearranging or updating inside. We want your home to sell quickly. We help get your space walk-through and showcase ready.

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