112_2794596Often times we find ourselves surrounded by too many possessions.  For many of us, it is difficult to let go of items and we lack the knowledge of where or how to begin this process.  The trained Turning Point Spaces team offers thoughtful, supportive and caring assistance through rightsizing, and downsizing.

Rightsizing is decluttering your space, optimizing your finest possessions and deciding on redesigns, all while remaining in your current home.

Downsizing involves the same decisions and steps as rightsizing, but in support of transitioning to a smaller space.

We work with you to ease the stress and make any type of transition comfortable and rewarding.

Our services include oversight of:

  • Tagging the possessions for placement into the selected categories.
  • Working with estate sale providers, auctioneers, consignments shops, charitable organizations, and others on your behalf.
  • Space planning for your current or new home.
  • Scheduling a moving company.
  • Being a point of contact for family members regarding scheduling and overall move progress.
  • Setting up your new space.


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