Understand the Value of a Professional Stager/written by: Katherine Grayson

Professional stagers are valuable because they come to each project with no agenda or bias. They have no emotional attachment to your home – they see it objectively, the way the public will see it, and that’s what you want to take advantage of.

A professional stager is an expert at solving the problems and addressing the quirks that your home presents, whatever they may be: no true dining area, no hall closet, dark rooms, strangely placed windows, too-small bathrooms, and any number of other challenges. A staging pro uses logic to assess any issues and objectivity to decide what can be done to best improve the picture while adhering to a budget.

Stagers have an uncanny ability to shift the emphasis in a home so that those touring the property see it with a wholly fresh perspective. For example, a house or condo that’s naturally small and dark can be made to look light and open. For a home that has too many traditional spaces, a stager can make a fresh-looking family living space out of a formal dining room, or create a modern office and functional entry from a previously pretentious foyer.

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