What To Expect When You Call The Stager

Well, the first thing you’ll probably hear is a hearty congratulations! Why? Because you are about to deploy a powerful marketing tool that will set your house apart from others on the market. You are about to showcase your home’s beauty and appeal, and to highlight its best features. You are about to create a memorable experience for buyers who tour your home or visit it online through photographs. Most of all, you are about to make an astute financial decision that can both save you money and bring you a better price for your home.

Home buyers make a decision whether to buy or not within the first 15 seconds of their arrival, either in person or online. You want to create a very positive first impression so buyers feel good about your house and quickly see themselves living in that space.

Staging does two things. First of all, it showcases your home’s assets and, secondly, it makes it appealing to the widest possible range of potential buyers. Buyers have a hard time visualizing how they would use an empty space. Staging allows them to see how the space works and lets them visualize themselves living there. If the house is occupied, staging makes certain that the home’s appeal is broad and neutral. Once your home goes on the market, you should no longer look at it as your home; it’s now a product that you are trying to sell.  Your home is decorated with your individual taste and personal design and decorating accents which may be too personal, or too limiting to the potential buyer. A stager transforms your home into an attractive and welcoming home that appeals to the widest possible audience.


Today’s buyer is much more sophisticated.  Whether watching shows on HGTV or surfing the internet, buyers are expecting more and if a seller isn’t willing to make the home move in ready, a buyer will quickly move on to the next property. Your stager wants to help you get your home ready for that buyer. Sometimes that means suggesting changes. The stager doesn’t try to offend you, she or he simply points out where there may be a need to paint, to make repairs, to replace something, or improve a feature. The stager may suggest removing items and rearranging furniture to enhance the space. The final result is a home that is interesting and attractive to far more buyers!

An investment in staging is virtually always much lower than a typical first reduction in price. Stagers have seen this happen over and over: after a period of time, a homeowner will lower their asking price by 3%, 5%, or even more in hopes of attracting attention. But imagine investing a much smaller amount—say not even 1% of the home’s value—in staging. Those improvements, repairs, redesign, decluttering, depersonalizing—whatever the house may need—help get you the most for your home. Real estate studies around the country show that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes, and at much better prices.

With the help of a certified and experienced stager, you can use those first 15 seconds (and beyond!) to create the best possible impression for the greatest number of potential buyers, and get your house sold more quickly! In the process can save money by avoiding those extra months of mortgage and tax payments, and you can make more money by selling at a higher price.

Call your stager today!